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Google and 2K Games launch open source cloud storage system

Cloud-native solution Open Saves can be integrated into mobile and console games

Google has unveiled a new purpose-built storage interface designed to improve how development teams store game data.

Open Saves -- developed in partnership with 2K -- will give game developers the ability to store different types of data without having to decide which type of storage solution to use.

Game data typically needs different back-end storage solutions, whether it's for in-game saves, player inventory or developer updates such as patches and downloadable content.

Open Saves also optimises data based on access frequency and data size utilising a built-in caching system. Data stored in Open Saves will also be stored in FireStone and Google's Cloud Storage.

Both Google's Kubernetes Engine -- used for app development -- and the Cloud Run platform can run the Open Saves API server.

Open Saves can also be integrated into any game across mobile or console with a simple block of code.

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