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Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Website launched for Autumn Moon Entertainment's adventure.

Hamburg/Germany, October 15th, 2009 – Adventure gamers and wannabe pirates now can set sails for a new, virtual port: Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, the up- and coming PC adventure game by Autumn Moon Entertainment and publisher dtp entertainment, now has it’s own, official homepage at

Here, players find tons of information about the game itself, it’s three playable main characters Papa Doc, Jane Sterling and Blue Belly, as well as their backgrounds.

Speaking of pudgy Blue Belly (who doesn’t like to be called by his true name), he’s getting very close attention on by presenting his own, hidden section on the website, “Cooking with Blue Belly”. Here, the former ship’s cook presents his favourite seafood recipes and marine menus from around the world, that adventure gamers and wannabe pirates can try cooking at home.

Pirates, Ghosts, Puzzles and tons of Humour: developer Autumn Moon Entertainment is putting together a promising mix of gaming ingredients for their new PC adventure game Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.

All three playable characters recently turned into ghosts and are now looking for chances to get back into their living bodies.

Being a ghost is a curse: they are now invisible and inaudible to the living. There’s a lot more ghosts can take advantage of, but with that, the three ghost pirates have also to deal with a lot of troubling hurdles: As ghosts, for instance, they can’t move physical objects, can’t talk to living humans and can sometimes struggle at other things we take for granted. However there is a lot ghosts can take advantage of – their special ghostly powers more than make up for this.

This mixture allows many innovative adventure gaming puzzles that will challenge the players of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island: How can you interact with human beings, when nobody can see or even hear you? Are there other ways to communicate with the living? That’s the kind of questions players are asking themselves in order to solve the game’s puzzles.

dtp entertainment will publish Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island world-wide, starting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by early November 2009.

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