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Ghost Patrol

GPS Mission Pro-powered "geotainment" ('fraid so) app for the iPhone.

Munich, October 9, 2009: Orbster GmbH extend their gaming world GPS Mission with the in-house produced game Ghost Patrol. Together with thousands of GPS games already created by the community in more than 70 countries, GPS Mission Pro is the most comprehensive geotainment application for the iPhone 3G und 3GS so far. In Ghost Patrol, the player enters the bizarre world of ghosts and tries to free the world from this invisible nuisance - the real world mind you! The border between reality and the virtual world blur even more with the new GPS Mission Pro App. GPS Mission Pro is available in the Apple Appstore now.

“Ghost Patrol is the richest GPS online game worldwide so far”, Head of Development and CTO Jörn Rehse explains. “For the first time ever, complex player actions will be possible in location-based gaming on the iPhone – just like in bigger online mulitplayer games for PC or consoles. Pick up items like weapons at one place, drop them somewhere else, share them with other players in reality and so forth”.

With Ghost Patrol, the player enters the bizarre world of ghosts. He meets ghosts from former Financial scams, diseased computer geeks or former head waiters all jam-packed with souls of poor citizens they have snatched in the course of the last centuries.

With the Ghost Catcher, Spirit missiles and other weapons, the player tries to defeat the ghosts and release the incarcerated souls. The liberated souls can be picked up with the iPhone and traded for better weapons. As a member of the Ghost Patrol, the player must work his way from rookie to Ghost Master, until he finally gets the chance to meet the king of Ghosts and to rid the world of this eerie ghosts plague.

"With GPS Mission Pro, we weave games with everyday life. The way to work, to the university or the local bakery can be an exciting adventure” believes Georg Broxtermann, CEO of Orbster. "GPS games are the perfect addition to games on the PC or consoles. We reclaim the most beautiful of 3D worlds, the real world, as a new and fascinating game world."

The in-game sounds are created by Dynamedion, Mainz, the leader in soundtrack composition and sound design on the continental european computer game market. The characters and graphics were designed by the Agency LangeRietz from Lübeck.

GPS Mission Pro is available in the AppStore now for 2.99 $ (2.39 €).

With the equally new Lite version of GPS Mission, gamers can play all games created by players on for free.

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Video Ghost Patrol:

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