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Get Games signs 150 titles

Digital service adds 19 new games, with more to roll-out over coming weeks

Get Games, the new digital download service launched by the Eurogamer Network, has made available 19 new games with over 150 releases planned in the coming weeks.

The service was announced late last year as a joint venture between Eurogamer and Mastertronic chairman Andy Payne. It launched with a range of titles and deals, including Serious Sam HD, and its content has now been bolstered with offers on a range of classic, indie and mainstream games.

Among the promotions now running on the site are acclaimed indie titles Machinarium, Trine and EuFloria for £29.95, Tropico 3 for £19.99 and Kings Bounty: The Armored Princess for £12.49.

"Our goal is to work with people professionally and to run a nimble and efficient business which should result in a service that makes sense for the content owner as well as the retailer, a relationship which too often seems to be out of step in traditional retail and digital distribution at the moment," Loman told GamesIndustry.biz upon the service's launch last year.

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