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Geoff Keighley will not participate in E3 2020

Event producer and media personality declines to produce the E3 Coliseum

Media personality Geoff Keighley will not produce the E3 Coliseum this year.

The E3 Coliseum is a live stage show that was added onto the event back in 2017. It was part of the show's efforts to boost its consumer credentials after it started selling a limited number of tickets to the general public. The Coliseum has featured major developers from PlayStation, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Take-Two, Epic and Ubisoft, alongside celebrities such as Jack Black

Keighley, who is best known for running The Game Awards, has led the first three Coliseums. But he says he has declined to take part this year, and that this will be the first time in 25 years he has not participated in E3.

"Given what has been publicly communicated about plans for E3 2020, I just don't feel comfortable participating in the show at this time," Keighley told "I saw the E3 website leak this AM and said, "You know what, I really need to let people know what to expect from me, so no one is disappointed." This certainly wasn't an easy decision to make, but I think it's the right one for me -- and I wanted fans to know before tickets go on sale."

"I think E3 needs to be more digital, global and inclusive in its approach to connecting gamers and celebrating the industry"

In terms of the future of the event, Keighley feels that E3 does have a future, despite publishers and developers struggling to agree over what the show should be.

"We're at an interesting inflection point between physical and digital events, and certainly E3 is in the middle of a transition -- evolving from what was traditionally an industry trade show," he said. "As someone who attended E3 for more than two and a half decades, there are of course a lot of emotions. But when you look at it objectively, E3 is really just an idea about uniting the industry and fans to celebrate the medium on a global scale. The future of E3 will be determined based on how effective the brand is at delivering against that goal."

He continues: "I absolutely think there's a way forward for the brand of E3. This is just my take, but I think E3 needs to be more digital, global and inclusive in its approach to connecting gamers and celebrating the industry. It's not really about who buys a booth on the show floor. Anyone who participated in The Game Festival on Steam around The Game Awards probably has a pretty good sense of my vision for how we bring the world together around games."

Keighley added that he will be supporting the industry in other ways this year.

"I'm always open to conversations with game publishers and partners about ways to evolve how we come together for industry events. No matter what, it's really important that we get everyone to participate in these events. That's something I'll look forward to doing at places like gamescom and The Game Awards."

Keighley's decision follows news that PlayStation will also not be participating at E3 again this year, and will instead be attending hundreds of other events.

However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed Microsoft will be at the event. And event organisers the ESA issued a statement in January promising to 'shake things up' for the show in June.

The full details of what to expect from this year's E3 will be revealed tomorrow via the E3 website.

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