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Genesis of the Gods

The thirty year project to convert classic novels into adventure games continues.

Enter The Story is a thirty year project to convert classic novels into adventure games. The latest story, Genesis of the Gods, is released today.

The first:

Genesis of the Gods is the first game to be based specifically Hesiod's Theogony (the original Greek creation myth).

The biggest:

All the stories in Enter The Story join together, forming the world's largest adventure game. The first three stories (including Les Miserables and Dante's Divine Comedy) form a trilogy that introduces the main players in the next hundred stories, so this is a milestone event. Customers buying one story get the whole trilogy.

Starring real people:

Characters in the game are based on real people: players are invited to send in their photos. Auditions for the next story, A Tale of Two Cities, will take place in February.

The game:

Genesis of The Gods is a point and click love story including the creation of the universe, the creation of mankind, battles between gods and Titans, and various mini-games all based on the original text.

Main site:

Genesis of The Gods:

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Chris Tolworthy

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