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GarageGames, Dynamix vets form PushButton Labs

Co-founders Jeff Tunnell and Rick Overman form new web and game development studio

Veteran game developers Jeff Tunnell and Rick Overman have announced the formation of PushButton Labs, a web technology and game development studio.

"The mission behind PushButton Labs is refreshingly simple," said co-managing partner Jeff Tunnell. "Make great products with people that we want to work with, and have fun doing it."

PushButton has announced two projects on its official website. The first is a Flash game development framework called PushButton Engine, which is currently in open beta. The second is a game titled Grunts: Skirmish. Additionally, the company announced that it has acquired community website from its original owner, GarageGames, and is working on an open source content management system and a game portal.

"We are seeing more variety and connectivity in both games as well as the types of people who are playing those games." said the other co-managing partner Rick Overman. "Our development strategy will let us explore many promising opportunities and properties."

Both Tunnell and Overman are longtime game development veterans, whose credits include The Incredible Machine, Starsiege: Tribes, Trophy Bass, and 3D Ultra Pinball.

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