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GameTap/Atari deal

Further Atari offerings added to games-on-demand service.

Atlanta, GA – August 26th, 2009- Today GameTap announced the expansion of their distribution rights with long-time partner Atari. This new agreement grants GameTap rights to a selection of Atari’s stellar Windows games. The deal also renews GameTap’s rights to distribute Atari’s classic console and arcade catalog. Atari’s games will be available through GameTap’s games-on-demand service and digital retail store.

Atari’s unique heritage brings with it an impressive catalog of titles that span decades of gaming history; combine that history with GameTap’s tradition of chronicling games both old and new and players have a match made in heaven. From Atari’s earliest successes in the arcade, to their most recent PC hits, GameTap celebrates the full breadth of Atari’s legacy.

A few examples of the new games headed to GameTap via this arrangement:

• Alone In The Dark ®(2008)

• Indigo Prophecy®

• King’s Bounty

• Master Of Orion®Series

• Neverwinter Nights Series

• Test Drive® Unlimited

• The Witcher®

• Arma Combat® Operations

“Our users have been begging for a number of these titles…” said GameTap’s community manager Matt Marchini. “it’s great delivering games I know they’re going to love.”

“We are excited to extend our current relationship and grow Gametap’s catalog of Atari titles,” said Todd Shallbetter, Director of Royalties, Atari, Inc. “Gametap continues to be an important partner for Atari in the growing digital distribution landscape.

About Atari

The Atari group, mainly comprised of the Atari brand, Atari catalogue of IPs, Cryptic Studios Inc., Eden Games and its newly created London studio, is a global creator, producer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and all interactive game platforms including consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, advanced smartphones, Personal Computers, web and online. Its games are sold in more than 50 countries through an international distribution network; Atari also distributes video games notably in North America, through its US subsidiary Atari Inc. and direct to consumers via

Atari benefits from an extensive catalogue of popular games based on original franchises (Test Drive, Alone in the Dark, V-Rally, My Horse & Me, Backyard Sports franchise, Total Annihilation, etc.), Cryptic Studios titles (Star Trek Online, Champions Online), publishing properties (Ghostbusters, The Chronicles of Riddick, Race Pro etc.), international licenses (Dungeons & Dragons, Jamie Oliver etc.) and classic games covering the entire history of the video game industry (Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids etc).

© 2009 Atari Europe SASU. All rights reserved.

Atari word mark and logo are trademarks owned by Atari Interactive, Inc.

About GameTap

Our History

GameTap launched in 2005 and was hailed as the first-of-its-kind broadband entertainment network, delivering games and video through a unique 3D desktop client. The client application, revolutionary for its time, was nominated for a technical Emmy in 2006, and won the Horizon Interactive Award, Best in Category: Video Games in 2007. Today the GameTap client has evolved into a smart, silent browser plug-in, offering the same games-on-demand technology in a lean, easy-to-install package. Our subscribers have all you can eat access to over 1000 Windows, console, and arcade titles, many of which are playable in a browser window.

The GameTap - Metaboli Global Gaming Network

GameTap and Metaboli merged forces in September of 2008 to form a new global network dedicated to the digital distribution of games. As partners with an international footprint that spans the Atlantic we can bring the best of both companies to an international audience. We are a company of enthusiasts dedicated to providing the gamer-community with the best value in gaming.

Additionally, Metaboli has established distribution partnerships with many of the world’s leading internet, gaming, and e-commerce portals including Virgin Media, Game, Orange, Free, Neuf Telecom, AOL, Club-Internet, fnac, Telecom Italia, Wind,, Gamesradar, Eurogamer, and

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