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GameSpot's UK network hits 4.5 million users

GameFaqs and GameRankings help propel CBS games portal to 28% growth

Consumer games portal GameSpot UK, part of the CBS Interactive group, has posted its latest ABC Electronic audit results taken during the month of December 2008, recording headline numbers of 4.5 million unique users - up 28 per cent over the same period in 2007.

Total page views for the period remained flat at just over 58 million from figures which also include all UK traffic to sister-sites GameFaqs and GameRankings.

"Videogaming is now one of the UK's favourite pastimes with an all time high of 82 million games purchased in 2008 [according to ELSPA], and this is reflected in GameSpot UK's growth", said Geoff Inns, UK product director of games, entertainment and video at CBS Interactive. "We are delighted to re-confirm our number one spot among UK videogaming sites."

GameSpot relaunched its UK presence in May 2006 with an in-house editorial team based in London contributing to an international mix of content.

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