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GameShadow releases new research tool

New service to let developers and publishers discover the hardware, patches and drivers used by gamers

GameShadow has announced the launch of a new research tool, GameShadow Metrics, to provide information on PC gamers' playing habits and preferences.

The new service provided by the patch distributor will let developers and publishers know which versions of their games are being played. GameShadow Metrics will also gather information on the performance of game sequels as well as gamers' hardware and drivers.

"Our engine checks all the versions of games users have loaded on their PC to deliver a one-click patching service," said Tony Treadwell, founder and COO of GameShadow.

"This enables us to build a great profile of the games they play and in return for providing a great service to our users we can report on how genres or sequels are connected. We can even track 'unknown' versions and review driver hardware."

"We realised that this level of accurate data is an incredibly valuable marketing tool for publishers, developers, ISVs and hardware vendors to understand gamers' habits... We've created an easy to use, online service that gives access to the core data - every publisher and developer can check up on their titles alongside the other 2600 titles in a matter of seconds," Treadwell added.

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