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Atlanta GA. - September 30th, 2004

Once known as and having over 45,000 members, the new site is here to make Xbox LiveTM community, competition and connections better than ever! allows gamers to register their unique Xbox LiveTM Gamertag into a database of over 45,000 gamers. Users are given a suite of tools to create and personalize their online legend including: Player pictures, location, bio, game lists, play times, friend and foe lists, user ratings and more!

The new development team at is currently working on many other new additions to the site including: Server listing and searching, user connection speed charts, clan registration, personal forums and more. is owned by the Clash Competition Company, and is now in it's family of gaming, community and technology services. is a star property for Clash and will benefit from all future technologies and promotions available. Gamers that choose to use are assured a constant growing and evolving experience that just isn't available anywhere else.

If you have a gamertag, you belong at!


CONTACT: GTDB Press Dept. started life as "" by Microsoft MVP Jay Johnson as a way to keep up with his fellow beta testers for the Xbox Live service. The GTDB was the first ever Xbox Live community and to this day stands as the largest. GTDB was an important tool for many Xbox Live users, and it's evolution into marks a new era of excellence for the first, the best and the unrivaled:

About Clash Competition Company:

CONTACT: Clash PR Dept.

The Clash was founded by industry professionals with over 10 years experience in the entertainment sector. Clash's creator, Cynn Smith sees the service as a continuation of the dead arcade culture of his youth where players connected in a central hub and made many friendships and rivalries as they put their skills on the line in regular competitions. The Clash currently features games for the Xbox console exclusively.

About Xbox:

Xbox ( is Microsoft's future-generation video game system that delivers the most powerful games experiences ever. Xbox empowers game artists by giving them the technology to full fill their creative visions as never before, creating games that blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Xbox is now available in the continents of North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

About Xbox Live:

Xbox Live is the first comprehensive, online gaming arena fully dedicated to fast-action broadband gaming experiences. Xbox Live will allow gamers to play multiplayer Xbox games with other gamers everywhere via a high-speed Internet connection. With a built-in hard drive and Ethernet port, the Xbox console was built from the ground up to be an online gaming system.

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