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Gamers more trusting of brands than non-gamers, says Gameloft

Report from mobile publisher's advertising arm finds gamers see elevated benefits from companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Lexus

Gamers trust brands more than non-gamers, according to a new report from Gameloft for Brands.

The brand advertising division of the mobile game publisher today released its Gamers & Brands report, based on three surveys of a combined 80,000 gamers -- defined as people who play games at least once a day -- and conducted in cooperation with Gameloft parent Vivendi.

While much of the report pitched mainstream brands emphasized the ubiquity of gaming, others were intended to help brands better understand how to win over gamers to their products.

The report says that 56% of gamers trust companies and brands, compared to 47% of non-gamers.

In addition, the report implies that gamers are more likely to serve as amplifiers for a brand's message, with 57% of gamers saying they are a trusted source of advice for their friends and family, compared to 48% for non-gamers.

On top of that, 62% of gamers said they have more trust in socially/environmentally responsible brands compared to 55% in non-gamers, while 58% of gamers preferred to buy from brands "with a purpose other than just profits," compared to 51% of non-gamers.

The report also assessed perceptions of how meaningful specific brands are to consumers, calculating meaning as a mix of functional benefits (Does the product or service actually do what it's supposed to?), personal benefits (How does it improve the individual's life?) and collective benefits (Do they have a positive impact on society?)

The five "most meaningful" brands for gamers were (in order) Google, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and YouTube.

Gamers were also more likely to find some brands "meaningful" than non-gamers, including Tesla, Amazon, Lexus, Dettol, Walmart, and Pond's.

The top 30 global brands for gamers, as determined by the Gameloft for Brands report

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