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GameHorizon Conference 2010

Newcastle/Gateshead gathering to feature Channel 4's Alice Taylor, AIAS's Joseph Olin and Epic's Mark Rein.

Hull UK / Britain's leading business network GameHorizon unveils its most essential conference for the 2010 calender.

Held at the beautiful Sage Gateshead building on the banks of the River Tyne in Newcastle/Gateshead, the GameHorizon Conference will bring together an entourage of the gaming industry's true legends. As you would expect from the GameHorizon team, the conference is set to provide thought-provoking debate and first-class networking for the modern day gaming executive. Three top speakers have already been announced for the annual conference, which will will take place on 29-30th June at The Sage.

Alice Taylor

Alice Taylor, Channel 4's Educational Commissioning Editor, will be providing invaluable insight on delivering useful, life-helping information to teens through the popularity of gaming. This is invaluable knowledge for those looking to educate while they entertain - a growingly essential way to encourage learning development.

Joseph Olin

President of AIAS and main man behind the popular annual D.I.C.E Summit, Joseph Olin will be bringing his masses of experience to 2010's GameHorizon Conference. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) are synonymous with excellence within the gaming industry, and spear-headed the Silicon Valley movement to get game developers to involve Hollywood actors in their activities.

Mark Rein

Already set to be a show stealer at the conference, Mark Rein, vice president and co-founder of the legendary Epic Games, will be giving utterly essential insight into the workings of the industry and business development within the gaming sector. Having created award-winning technologies, such as the Unreal Engine, and gaming triumphs like the Gears of War and Unreal series', Mark Rein's experience will be worth the entry fee alone.

The GameHorizon Conference focuses on the present day and evolving future of the games industry. Rather than delving deep into the details of art, programming or production, the conference focuses razor-sharp on higher level business issues, new technologies and future opportunities.

If you run a business in the gaming industry, this could be the most essential conference you ever visit.

Early Bird gets the morning Discounted Tickets!

If you book your tickets between now and 16th April 2010, you will get them at the low price of £199 – a discount of over £125!

Tickets purchased after this date will cost the full conference rate of £325.

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