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Reckons itself to be "the most successful video game dedicated auction site ever".

Orange County, CA (PR) – January 11, 2010 There have been a few video game dedicated auction sites try to take on auction giant Ebay over the past five years. The hopes and dreams of their founders can still be found and read scattered among the unforgiving and unforgetting internet landscape; remains of dead-end URLs, press releases and old articles promising gamers a less expensive alternative to Ebay. One thing time has taught us is taking on Ebay is a near impossible, formidable task. Many would say it simply couldn’t be done. But it can be done, and is proving it every day with each new listing, each new bid, each new sale and each new member. is currently the most successful video game dedicated auction site ever. It offers a clean, niche environment dedicated to gaming. This combined with significantly less expensive listing and selling fees make it no wonder why nearly 4,000 gamers have flocked to GameGavel since it launched back in March 2008. It’s founder, Mike Kennedy, a proclaimed “Gamer” himself, has remained steadfast and determined to offer gamers around the world a “better place to buy and sell video games”. He exclaims, “Up until GameGavel, gamers had to resort to Ebay’s increasingly high fees eating into their sales profits. Or even worse, feeling taken advantage of when they sell their used games to GameStop for what seems like pennies on the dollar.”

Since emerging from their near two-year long beta, has grown to nearly 4,000 members, boasts over 240,000 total auction listings and nearly $200,000 in auction sales. To continue boosting GameGavel’s membership, the GameGavel team is in final talks with a large, influential International gaming community that will soon begin to promote GameGavel throughout its diverse online network.

2010 Is going to be a momentous year for It will see continued growth, and exponential expansion due to a slew of new strategic partnerships. Mike is determined to keep GameGavel afloat and not another Internet casualty, which is certainly good news for gamers everywhere.

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