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GameCity 3

Third annual Nottingham event to be staged in Halloween week.

Special season *just* for students who want to enter the industry

More tea-parties confirmed

Dates to span popular pagan celebration

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Nottingham UK, 30th October, 1st November.  Now into its third year of ground-breaking games, premiere screenings, exclusive appearances - GameCity continues to bring you what other festivals can't. And a little of what they won't. Building on the success of the the previous two years, GameCity 3 promises buck the trend of phoning in lazy sequels by delivering a brilliant third installment where even Spider-Man and the Godfather couldn't.

GameCity is a festival celebrating the culture and potential of videogames, bringing the people who play them into contact with the people who make them - and who want to make them. Taking place across an entire city, GameCity brings gaming to huge variety of venues - from cinemas and market squares, to restaurants, cafes and schools. It remains the only event in the world to bring developers, students and lovers of interesting culture together in Indian restaurants.

Strongly supported by the games industry – GameCity is also unique in the way it bridges the divide between gaming and the wider world. The festival is perhaps the most visible example yet of the public sector stepping up and explicitly supporting the development of the games industry. Iain Simons, festival director commented, "We're delighted with the support that the festival has gained from the City of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University - its lead partner. It feels like a real milestone on the journey to mainstream culture for interactive entertainment that an event like this can happen at all - and then be embraced by the public sector."

"It looks like our industry might have found its first Sundance. GameCity is a unique approach to a videogame festival that seems long overdue," Lorne Lanning.

"GameCity shows us how a videogame shindig should be run" - Edge.


Running from 30 Oct to the 1st November, this is one Halloween party not to be missed.

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