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Game People

Singing reviewer Rebecca Mayes interviewed on Charlie Brooker's new BBC 4 show, Gameswipe.

Game People's Audio Gamer, Rebecca Mayes, is appearing on the new BBC TV Videogame show Gameswipe ( with Charlie Brooker. The first episode of the hotly anticipated Gameswipe show stars an original song from Rebecca, recorded at the BBC studios and airs tomorrow, Tue 29 Sep at 22:00 on BBC Four.

As a Game People exclusive and in advance of Tuesday's show we have published the full lyrics for Rebecca's song, that in true fashion walks the line between art and criticism:

Some thought Rebecca was crazy, but she soon attracted huge media interest with her Sung Videogame reviews on Game People ( Most recently she has a regular slot on the The Escapist alongside the hugely influential Zero Punctuation reviews.

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