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GAME makes first move into online distribution

Retailer launches auto-patching tool for PC games

UK retailer GAME has made its first steps into online distribution, with the release of new software tool GAME Downloader.

While the application does not allow full game downloads – as yet, at least – it scans users' PCs for installed games and then provides automatic notification whenever new patches or DLC becomes available.

The Downloader can also notify gamers as to the availability of demos, trailers, mods and indie games.

Paul Howes, GAME's general manager of digital services said "We're continuing to enhance the customer experience through digital services and GAME Downloader is an example of how we can add value and engage more closely with gamers who shop for discs and downloads."

The application, built by software developer GameShadow, is additionally able to remotely direct downloads to a registered PC via a browser on another device.

GAME Downloader is available now.

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