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Game Entertainment Europe successfully launches the Open Beta Client for the European world of Martial Heroes

The open beta client of Martial Heroes Europe has been successfully launched. It is a totally improved new client for a world which is exclusively available for European gamers. Game Entertainment Europe already welcomed 100.000 new registries'. The new world is called "Pandora". Together with Pandora a totally improved portal for Martial Heroes has been launched,

What is new about the Pandora world of Martial Heroes:


The Pandora client has been translated into proper English. All quests have been rewritten in proper English. Pandora has in game support in many European languages (e.g. German, Dutch, French, English and Polish) by more than 50 game master helpers (GMH) who are present in the game. To buy in game items gamers can use game credits called Gamers Oxygen or GO's which can be bought in the Martial Heroes Market. A lot of new Pandora events are scheduled. What are the features of the new portal: The Martial Heroes portal The portal of Martial Heroes is available in English, French, German and Dutch. It is possible to have direct contact with the GMH to ask game related questions. These questions are automatically posted and answered at the forums. Gamers can make a profile at the forum section and gamers receive a personal url which refers to their profile. Player rankings are listed. About Martial Heroes

Martial Heroes features a world rich in oriental heritage, martial arts and age-old legendry and offers a perfect blend between oriental medievalism and stunning fantasy. A gamer chooses the role that fits him or her best. By playing quests and using items such as swords and horses, the gamer grows into his role.

On your journey through the world of Martial Heroes you travel into areas totally different from locations you have seen before. There are mystical terrains where the night rules supreme, or lands that can only be reached through secret passages. While you progress through Martial Heroes and your character reaches new levels, many more elements will become available. This ensures richness in new experiences for players of Martial Heroes, never before encountered in any game. Of course real success comes from playing the game together. Martial Heroes offers the possibility to form a Guild. There is an unlimited number of levels that will keep the game provocative for every hardcore gamer.

About Game Entertainment Europe

Game Entertainment Europe offers very attractive online community games to gamers in Europe. To offer the best game experience, the games are localised for the European countries. Game Entertainment Europe organises game mastering, user and community support as well as in-game events. The company's head office is based in Amsterdam and the company opened an office in Korea. More information can be found on Game Entertainment is also participating in a chain of European game cafes, WZZRD. On the 19th and 20th of May the Dutch finals of the Electronic Sport World Cup (ESWC) will take place at WZZRD Enschede.More information can be found on (

Not for publication: For more information about this press release please contact Richard van Barneveld, CEO of Game Entertainment Europe at / +31 654695012, or Jurriaan van Rijswijk at / +31 653934971.

Screenshots of Martial Heroes can be seen at

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