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Game Creator Store

New store acting as a haven for those developers struggling with 3D modelling.

Independent game developers may be great at programming but their creations often grind to a halt when it comes to 3D modelling. Now the problem can be solved easily and cheaply with a quick visit to the Web’s newest asset superstore.

Game Creator Store is the latest idea from The Game Creators , the UK-based game-making gurus who have spent the last ten years making game creation accessible to the masses. It’s an on-line treasure chest of fully animated, royalty free assets that stand out from the rest because they are designed specifically for developers, come game ready and are fantastic value.

Currently, Game Creator Store has more than 1,000 assets that include characters, weapons, objects and vehicles and they are growing every week with plans to add Ogg format music, sound effects, decals and sky boxes. They come from a variety of carefully selected authors and are fully tested. Roll-out plans include support for more formats including .DTS (Torque), .FBX (Microsoft XNA, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Motion Builder, XSI, Lightwave, Blender and Milkshape) and support for Collada.

Customers who already have The Game Creators’ powerful first person shooter creation package FPS Creator (FPSC) can access the Store directly from within the latest version 1.10 or users can download the new and completely FREE cut-down version of FPSC! Development is already underway to make the Store an external and free application that works for the Dark GDK and other engines. Store will also be built into The Game Creators’ Dark Basic Professional product.

In the Store, you can browse the libraries or use the search function to find what you want. Before adding items to your cart you can read a full written description, see the characters in action and benefit from star ratings based on previous users’ opinions.

For easy shopping, customers buy points in blocks of 500 to 2,000. A high quality, fully animated character will cost in the region of £2.50, a weapon £1.50 and a static item 50p. A special section of the Store also offers some free items. Selections are automatically downloaded into FPSC and points are deducted only when the download is successfully completed. If you experience hard-drive problems, your purchase entitles you to re-download your chosen objects up to five times.

“Game Creator Store is another significant step in our campaign to democratise game development,” says Richard Vanner, Financial Director with The Game Creators. “With the games industry increasingly polarising on a few big players, it’s good to broaden it out with new talent but game making isn’t as easy as many people think. Independent game developers have the need to create 3D models but they’re not artists so they don’t always have the ability or contacts.

“Most current catalogues are designed more for artists than developers and their assets have a high polygon count that doesn’t support quick gaming. Game Creator Store fills the gap with objects that are better priced than existing offerings and come game ready.”


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