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Game Connection Europe 2009

Future to be "bright" but "different", survey predicts.

For Immediate release

Game Connection first survey results:

November 9th 2009, Lyon - France. Game Connection provides you with the preview of its reference report for the 2010-2011 project time line in the video game industry. While surveying professionals in the market, for the most part developers, publishers and service providers, it became obvious that 2010 is about drastic changes! Changes sweeping through media used in the game industry; changes in the shape of business models – all changes for the better!

2010 the light at the end of the tunnel

It's no news that 2009 has been tough for some companies... and that was reported in this survey. More than 2/3 of the respondents felt that 2009 was similar to or worse than 2008, but the vast majority of respondents have expressed that optimism is “de rigueur” for 2010 with more than 90 % believing that 2010 will be better or similar (2/3 of them saying better). Industry leaders believe that business will be back for real in 2010!

And the winning platforms for 2010 are...

Consoles: 360 and PS3 made it!

Wii has lost its leadership in the minds of game makers with Xbox 360 and PS3 sharing most of the market share in 2010 expectations and the 360 leading significantly.

Handheld: iPhone more than DS and PSP

All platforms are crowded with products but developers and publishers believe more in iPhone than DS (two to one) as the key platform for their future.

PC: New models for PC changes everything

PC is perceived as a platform with significant potential especially when it comes to new approaches (the expectation regarding new business models associated to social networks and free to play/micro-transactions are very high).

Digital Distribution: faster than expected

Arrows point to digital distribution over traditional distribution: everybody seems to agree with the fact that it will lower the barriers to entry, increase security (i.e. hinder piracy) and speed up the entire buying process. Surprisingly enough, respondents see digital distribution (all included) to takeover retail distribution faster than usually expected, specifically, to take 20% of the total revenues of the industry at the end of 2010.

Publishers' needs have changed

Publishers are looking for expertise and teams to develop the projects of 2010 and 2011. They detailed their expectations in Game Connection Survey.

Detailed results of the survey will be available for Game Connection Attendees in Lyon, December 8-10 2009.

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Connection Events is the organizer of Game Connection, the leading business event in the video game industry, taking place in Lyon (France) and San Francisco (California, USA) during the Game Developers Conference. Game Connection provides several different services all geared toward the same goals: matchmaking among outsourcing companies, tools providers, developers, publishers and distributors, network building and enhancement, and examination of projects and companies.

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