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Game Connection Europe 2008

More info on November's event in Lyon.

For Immediate Release

LYON, France – October 7, 2008 – Game Connection will strengthen its status as the benchmark marketplace for the quickly evolving Game Industry with Game Connection Europe 2008. This business-oriented event will welcome dozens of companies at the forefront of the new development trends for new target audiences on all platforms, including the next generation.

New Platforms

Game Connection hosts market leaders in PC and current generation handheld and console systems (PSP, DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3), and these developers are also at the cutting-edge of new markets, presenting, for example, many projects for the IPhone, the new frontier in handheld development.

New Development Trends

The ever-changing rules of the videogame market means forward thinking professionals must modify their development model. The market has seen an increase in demand for outsourcing services, widely available at Game Connection, but also the emergence of specialized services for the various market segments, such as mobile game porting, community management, and persistent online games billing.

“I believe that there is a huge opportunity in the online gaming boom to bring console quality products to casual internet players. From distribution partners to middleware operators, Game Connection is the ideal forum for assembling these new era deals”, says Darren Jobling, Director of Business Development, Eutechnyx UK.

The co-development models, where platforms are split between different studios, or territory-based licensing and distribution contracts are the direct result of a strong growth in highly profitable niche development.

New Players

The market evolution is ruled by the players’ expectations. The market is shifting to accommodate the new audience, with more games targeting beginners and casual players, with, for example, games geared towards personal development, like learning new languages and “brain training”.

Due to this market expansion, the type of projects offered at Game Connection are also expanding, from casual baby simulation games to highly targeted hardcore action RPGs.

Confirmed exhibitors for Game Connection Europe include: Arkane Studios, Blitz Games, Daedalic Entertainment, Eutechnyx, GSC Game World, Kuju Entertainment, Rebellion, Team 17 Software, Techland, and hundreds more! Click here for the full Exhibitor List to date.

Publishers and developers looking for innovative games or high-quality services to grow their business are invited to register online at:


Connection Events is the organizer of Game Connection, the leading business event in the video game industry, taking place in Lyon (France) and San Francisco (California, USA) during the Game Developers Conference. Game Connection provides several different services all geared toward the same goals: matchmaking among outsourcing companies, tools providers, developers, publishers and distributors; network building and enhancement; and examination of projects and companies.

For further information, please contact:

- Sophie Therrien, Communication and Marketing Manager, at: +33 4 72 44 44 22 or by email: stherrien[@]

- Eric Lacroix, Sales Manager, at: +33 4 72 44 44 27 or by email: elacroix[@]

List of registered companies:

1C Company; 3d Brigade; 4J Studios Limited; Abducao Producoes Cinematograficas; Abylight; Agenius Interactive; Akella; Alawar Entertainment; Allegorithmic; Anakan; Anuman Interactive; Arkane Studios; Artefacts Studio; Artifex Mundi; Asobo Studio; Aspyr Media; At Once technologies Middlewares; Atari; ATI Technologies; Atoll Soft; Atomic Planet Entertainment; Audiomotion; Aurona Technologies; BHV Software; Biart; Big Ant Studios; Big Ben Interactive; Big Blue Bubble; Bight Games; BiP Media; Black Sheep Studio; Black Wing Foundation; Blitz Games; Brucefilm; Bug-Tracker; Buka Entertainment; C4M Prod; Capybara Games; Catalyst Outsourcing; Chemistry; Cinemax; City Interactive; Climax; Cohort Studios; Corecell; Creative Game Studio - Ringzero; Crimson Cow; Cyanide; Cyberplanet Interactive; D3 Publisher; Daedalic Entertainment; Dancing Dots; Dark Water Studios; Dassault Systems; Deck 13 Interactive; Digital Development Management (DDM); Disney Interactive Studios; Don't Nod Entertainment; DotEmu; double six; DR Studios; Dreamatrix; Drinkbox Studios; dtp Entertainment AG; Eko Software; Electronic Arts; Elephant Games; Emergent Game Technologies; Empire Interactive; Endgame Studios; ESP AS; Etranges Libellules; Eugen Systems; Eutechnyx; Evolved Games; exequo; Exient; Exkee; Firebrand Games; Flashman Studios; Flying Fish Works; Focus Home Interactive; Focus Home Interactive; FOG Studios / Mr.FOGs; Foundation 9 Entertainment; Futuremark Corporation; Fuzzyeyes Studio; Gaijin Entertainment; Game Consulting; Game Factory Interactive; Game Factory Interactive; Game Invest; Game Life; Game Outlet; Game Square Interactive; Game World (GSC); Games Foundation; Gamr7; Gimagin; GlobalCollect; GlobalStep; Haemimont Games; Hansoft; Headstrong Games; High Score Productions; HMH (Hamburger Medien Haus Vertriebs); Hoplon Infotainment; Humagade; Human Soft; Hydravision Entertainment; ICE Concept Studios; IEM Consulting; Ig nition Software; IKS Games; Imagimax; Impressionware; Indeego Games; Intenium; Interactive Selection; Ivory Tower; Keen Studios; Koch Media / Deep Silver; Koch Media Deutschland; Koch Media France; Konami; Kuju Entertainment; Lago (Lagoonline); Lapland Studio; Leon Brothers; Les Tanukis; Lexis Numérique; Lighthouse Interactive; Little Worlds Production; Localsoft; Lumai Prod; Mad Monkey Studio; Majesco Entertainment Company; Marjacq; MAS Productions; Massive Black; Media & Game Technologies; Mekensleep; Mere Mortals; Meridian4; Metaboli; Metricminds; Microsoft Game Studios Europe; Midway Games; Milestone; Mindscape; Mistic Software; Mobile Interactions Group; Montecristo Games; MusiGames Studio; Nadeo; Namco; Nassons Entertainment Studios; Natural Motion; Neko Entertainment; Nemesys Team; Neopica; Nerd Corp Entertainment; Nexway; Nibris; Nik Nak Games; Nitro Games / Nitro FX; North Pole; Noviy Disk; Omegame; Optelo; Original Force 3D Animation; Ouat Enter tainement; Outerlight; Pan Vision; Pastagames; Pinnacle Software; Pixelux Entertainment; Pixolane; Play Ten Interactive; Playlore Gameworks; Pub Company; QB9; Quantic Dream; Quazal Technologies; Radon Labs; Reachin Technologies; Reality Twist; Rebellion; Rocket Science Games; RTL Interactive; Sanuk Software; Sarbakan; Schanz International Consultants; SDI Media Group; SilverBirch Studios; slam production; Slitherine Software; Smack Down Productions; Smoby Interactive; Sony Computer Entertainment Europe; Southlogic Studios; Spiral House; Sproing Interactive Media; Stainless Games; Steel Monkeys; Strawdog Studios; Studio Anatole; Succubus Interactive; Take 2 Interactive; Tarsier Studios; Team 17 Software; TechFront; Techland; Tecmo; TecToy Digital; Tempo Music Design; Tonuzaba Entertainment; Topware Interactive; Torus Games; Tose; Tragnarion Studios; Ubisoft; Ultizen Games; Umbra Software; Valcon Games; Virtual Toys; Virtuos; Vivendi Mobile; Volta Creations; Voxler; VSTEP; Wal t Disney Internet Group;; White Birds Productions; Widescreen Games; Wizarbox; Xibalba Studios; Yager Development; Yullaby; Zeroscale; Zoe Mode; Zoo Games.

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