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Galactic Justice

Indie vehicular combat from new arrival Poison Axe Games.


June 7, 2008 - Brisbane, Qld - Poison Axe Games ( is proud to release their first title, Galactic Justice. Galactic Justice puts players in the middle of a battle between the Galactic Council and the dastardly Boomdragons, an evil force intent on taking control of the galaxy.

A good battle needs big weapons and Galactic Justice delivers. With over 20 weapons and 50 upgrades there is no shortage of ways to destroy those pesky Boomdragons. A unique combo system allows players to think up new and creative ways to play.

In their quest to take back the galaxy, players will travel to five distinct planets. Kintari, the honorable farming planet. Greedar, the living giant. Anemic 6, a swamp covered planet recently hit by a blood comet. Frostyl, an icy moon. And finally Boomstone, the home planet of the Boomdragons! Each planet features new weapons, upgrades, missions and enemies!

Galactic Justice offers players a chance to take part in the ultimate battle between good and evil. Galactic Justice is available to download and buy now at


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