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Future Wars

Round-based strategy brought into the 3D era courtesy of Germany's Radon Labs.


Round based strategy 2.0

Düren/Berlin, November 30th 2009 – Today Headup Games and Radon Labs, one of the most popular German studios, announce the release of the PC-title “Future Wars”.

The agreement includes the development and the release of the round based strategy-title „Future Wars“. The title appeals in contrast to genre references of former days due to modern 3D graphics and extensive modding opportunities to a larger and creative target group. Furthermore Headup Games and Radon Labs emphasize to bring the game back to the genres’ roots by creating definite rules, a rich story and classic gameplay elements. Players of the older generation, fans of customizing and also newbies of the genre will feel themselves homelike in Future Wars.

Publisher Headup Games, who holds the worldwide publishing and distribution rights and the developing studio Radon Labs, which won the German Computer Game Award for their role playing game-hit "The Dark Eye: Drakensang" last year plan to release “Future Wars” within their joint venture agreement in spring 2010.

More details to follow soon…

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Düren/Berlin, November 30th 2009

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