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Freestyle: Street Basketball

FreeStyle Major Club League's first champion crowned.

Seoul, November 23 - Crows Zero’7 (CZ’7) became the final champion of FreeStyle Major Club League whose fierce matches have attracted much attention since the game’s opening on October 25.

PC online game portal announced the game results of the final winner, Crows Zero’7 (CZ’7), and the runner-up, AAA, and released clips of their exciting matches on YouTube. The final match held on November 22 was of particular interest to “FreeStylers” as it was an intensely close game.

AAA, in fact, had been the most likely winner with a victory track record of two FreeStyle tournaments this year. During the first half of the game, AAA seemed dominating the game. But CZ’7 who initially showed unstable pace caught up in the last two minutes, and the tables were turned. AAA, in return, tried to take the leadership back with impressive teamwork and ball play but was too late to stop CZ’7. In the three-round playoffs, CZ’7 won the first two matches with the score 2:0, defeating AAA and becoming the MCL champion.

The two ballers Pandora and Gatsby of CZ’7 were chosen as the MVPs because of their dazzling performance in the first two matches and contribution to the team’s victory. “Regardless of the game results, we all really enjoyed the matches and would like to thank GameKiss which hosted such an interesting tournament,” said the CZ’7 team leader Shirley.

Water, club leader of AAA who handed over the champion title to CZ’7, made an impressive speech, “Well, we played a great game, and a ‘great’ game was played by our opponents as well. I congratulate them with a victory.”

FreeStyle Major Club League winner CZ’7 will be awarded prizes worth $300, and prizes worth $200 will be given to AAA. The records and contents of the tournament are available at:


“The Major Club League fever was much steamier and hotter than I expected. As ballers confirmed their passion and interest in the game, we are planning to update the game viewer mode system in December, so that users can cheer as though they are watching real basketball matches,” said RomaN, Senior GM of FreeStyle Street Basketball Game.

“Above all, we will continue hosting more hot tournaments and events to create our own unique ‘FreeStyler’ culture where gamers can meet new ballers, build friendships and share the spirit of fair-play”, he adds.

All games of “FreeStyle Street Basketball Game - Major Club League” can be viewed at the GameKiss YouTube Channel:


Registration, download and playing of Freestyle Street Basketball are provided worldwide, and can be enjoyed free of charge. More details can be found on the official website:

FreeStyle Street Basketball

An online multiplayer basketball title developed by JCEntertainment. Its first service was commenced in Korea on December, 2005. Being serviced in number of countries since then, it has more than 10 million registered users.

Global multiplayer online game portal site launched by JCE on February 2009. Starting with FreeStyle, it is planning to three new more titles within 2009. With the vision of ‘Providing FUN never before presented to the world’, it will continue to progress to introduce quality contents to global gamers.

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