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FPS Trainer

Online coaching system moves into beta phase ahead of GDC 2011.

FPS Trainer, the unique new online coaching system which trains players how to improve their skills in online first-person shooter (FPS) games, is moving into its Beta phase, which will see the service introduce many innovative new features and content, just in time for the 2011 Games Developers Conference.

The service's initial launch proved so popular that FPS Trainer took down two separate hosting services as people raced to register.  The service hit its initial target of 10,000 registered users for the alpha build in a matter of weeks.  The team has been overwhelmed with feedback from players and have pulled out all the stops to put together an all new early beta, which incorporates a great deal of the feedback from players.

FPS Trainer uses a combination of advanced AI and input from pro-gamers to coach players who want to improve their FPS skills; particularly for multiplayer online gaming.  From the very basic skills like moving and using weapons, through to advanced strategy, FPS Trainer can help every player who would like to improve their game and 'aim higher'.

FPS Trainer is delivered online, via web browser.  The classic mouse and keyboard controls can be supplemented with USB connected controllers for console players.  The basic service is free to play, although the first premium content packs are already in production.

In the beta phase, FPS Trainer will be refined to enhance the user experience and make the service as accessible as possible.  New features include:

Dedicated servers to help avoid connectivity problems and enable players to have a smoother game experience A Play Now mode to allow players to jump straight into a game A major graphical overhaul to add advanced lighting, animation and special effects (with the same low-spec minimum requirements) Enhanced single-player training bots to help players practice their skills in a (relatively) safe environment Advanced metrics to enable players to visually track their progress and increasing skills over time New coaching assists to help with: Accuracy by providing real-time feedback for each shot fired A comprehensive post-match analysis mode to help players review exactly what happened in the previous game (starting with the kill-shot visualisation, or KillViz) Plus lots more coaching features coming soon Upcoming new features will include: A full replay mode with more in-depth post-match analysis A peer coaching framework, allowing advanced players to effectively coach novices and intermediates  Guest celebrity coaches from the professional gaming world A smartphone app to enable players to receive more advanced real-time coaching feedback and advice as they play Alongside the standard free version of the game, the release of the first premium content packs for FPS Trainer: FPS Trainer Tactical (for realistic team-based tactical shooters, such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike) and FPS Trainer HD (a downloadable high definition version of the game) will shortly be announced.

During the beta period, FPS Trainer aims to build a loyal community of users (the target is 100,000 by the end of Spring 2011).  Therefore, a number of new features will be added to the website to achieve this: 

A rank and progression system will be designed to help players track their improvement over a longer period (although the game is primarily designed to be played in small chunks) The best players and most prominent community members will be invited to become peer coaches A chat system will be added to help players communicate in the game International support will be added to the website FYI: FPS Trainer developer Play2Improve will be on stand #714 (Scottish Development International) during the conference.  To meet the company at GDC, please e-mail managing director Matt Seeney -

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FPS Trainer, the online coaching service which trains players to improve their first-person-shooter skills, is launching its new beta version, with a host of new content and features


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