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Football SuperStars

Talk of the town thanks to added Vivox voice services.

Framingham, Mass. – June 10, 2008 – Vivox, Inc., the market leader of integrated voice communication services for online games and virtual worlds, today announced that CyberSports Ltd. will include Vivox voice services in their upcoming title release, Football Superstars.

Football Superstars will be the first MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) to recreate the game of football (soccer in North America) where each participant controls a player on the field and where, off the field, individuals will actively interact with other players in the virtual football-based world. CyberSports plans to use the same principles to expand into other sports.

CyberSports will integrate Vivox voice chat to match the unique environment of Football Superstars and to create the real-life excitement of the game – the strategy, taunts, and heated exchanges – on and off the field. Vivox will host and manage the voice application to ensure operational scale and stability and to eliminate game server impact. In addition to 3D voice chat, players have access to voice fonts, buddy lists, presence alerts, voice mail, SMS, and user management tools.

“Our design goals and user experience requirements for Football Superstars demanded the most stable, scalable and user friendly voice technology available. Vivox was the obvious choice based on their proven performance and operations experience,” said Malcolm Clark, CEO, CyberSports Ltd. “We’re confident that our players will have the most immersive and advanced voice experience available with the Vivox service. We’ll be bringing market leading voice technology and features to our community with full confidence that our community is in good hands.”

“CyberSports has combined the best elements found at any sporting event – social interaction and multiplayer competition - where practice only makes you better and spirited fan interaction raises the passion of the game,” said Monty Sharma, vice president of product management and marketing at Vivox. “We’re proud that CyberSports chose Vivox to contribute to their player experience and bring their innovative world to life.”


About Vivox, Inc.

Vivox provides high quality, massively scalable voice chat for online games and virtual worlds. Developers can enhance game play and foster community with Vivox’s advanced feature set and unparalleled service. Today, the Vivox Network supports millions of users in more than 180 countries. Customers include CCP Games, Icarus Studios, K2 Network, Linden Lab, NCsoft Corp., Pixel Mine Games, Sony Online Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast and others. For more information:


About CyberSports, Ltd.

CyberSports Ltd will launch Football Superstars, a truly ground-breaking, exciting and compelling game into a huge and rapidly growing global market using reliable state-of-the-art technology, later in 2008. It is our aim is to dominate the online sports game market by building and operating integrated persistent 3D virtual multi-player multi-sports worlds that appeal to both casual and hardened gamers alike.


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