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Fighting evil and protecting the innocent has never been this fun!

Falling Stars is set in the colourful world of Dazzleon, where an ancient spirit has detected a mysterious dark power awakening in the peaceful kingdom. The player takes the role of a young girl named Luna, whose mission it is to restore peace to Dazzleon. However, this is not such a simple task as thwarting evil requires you to complete various quests and challenges, train your own pet, and command your pet in battle against rogue monsters unleashed by Luna's wicked uncle, Matt, whose specialty is turning regular animals into terrorising monsters.

Seven mini-games, which the player must complete, offer hours of fun, and vary immensely in their style and gameplay. For example, one of them requires Luna to rescue a kitten from the top of a tower - by piling pillows onto a toy train travelling around the tower. After the pile gets high enough, the kitten can safely jump. Another of these mini-games allows you to control the individual oars of a boat to navigate around a lake collecting water lilies. There are five other mini-games, each offering different types of gameplay ranging from puzzle-style to challenging your hand-eye coordination at an archery range.

Falling Stars truly shines in the central part of the game - where the player completes missions and quests to learn the truth behind Matt's experiments. Not only does the player train their own pet, but they also get to put their training to the test when battling deadly monsters set loose in the world of Dazzleon. The battle sequences are vibrant and exciting as the player selects attacks and defences for their pet to perform, and invents new strategies to emerge triumphant. The missions are immersive and absorbing, allowing the player to truly identify with the characters.

About Ivolgamus

Ivolgamus UAB was founded in 2002 as a videogames developer in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over the next few years Ivolgamus has grown exponentially and has developed games for several publishers on various platforms, including PlayStation®2, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and PC.

Ivolgamus mostly focuses on two types of games - super-casual mass-market games and niche titles with unique gameplay. This strategy allows Ivolgamus to find its place in the competitive interactive entertainment market.

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