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FastFeet Media.NET

Sonic community site relaunches, branching out into allthings SEGA.

11th June 2008 – Exeter, England.

The biggest media resource for Sonic the Hedgehog is making a long awaited return on Sunday the 22nd of June at 7pm GMT. Since 2003 FastFeet Media has been the biggest provider of audio, images, video and any media creations based around the Sonic the Hedgehog series. On Sunday a lot is set to change though, FastFeet Media will adopt its new name of FastFeet Media.NET after becoming independent from its previous hoster, the Sonic Stadium.

Unlike previous versions the new website has been rebuilt from the ground up to incorporate various overdue features, some of which will be able to experience on launch day:

FastFeet Media.NET Passport

By registering for free, members will have their own ‘passport’ allowing them to maintain their own profile, navigate around the site with ease and access special areas of the website that guests cannot.

Refreshing and Simple New Look

In comparison to previous versions FastFeet Media.NET provides an easy to use system to navigate around the website, incorporating a fresh new design, media elements and a new colour scheme across the website.

Keep up to date with RSS Feeds

New technology has been pushed in so visitors can pull out the best from FastFeet Media, 5 RSS feeds are available from launch to keep up to date with the latest news, features and files available.

Wider Coverage

Whilst the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is still mainly covered, Sega on the whole will be discussed far more often as well as some of the latest developments in the video games industry. Both news and feature articles will debate a wide range of topics from dedicated FastFeet Media staff writers.

Network Websites

FastFeet Media.NET now hosts its own network websites. On launch day ‘DoubleDMix’ will be available showcasing original and remixed music by artist ‘D-VoLVE’ with singles and albums available on iTunes. Tempus Mobius previously known as the Cy-Fox series is the second network site and will provide musings from the Sonic universe in fan-fiction form.

Whilst the website has improved considerably, the content always has top priority. This time round FastFeet Media has 6 main areas to browse through:

FastFeet Media Home

Obtain the latest developments from around the Sega and Sonic community as well as the latest news, issues and content from around the FastFeet Media Network right on the homepage. You can also read all about FastFeet Media in this area too.


The heart of FastFeet Media; with a huge archive of over 6000 files and 25Gb of downloads available this is what makes FastFeet Media the ultimate Sega and Sonic media resource. Visitors will be able to browse through the archives with members being able to download and upload files as well as rate, comment and search for files.

Media Center

Whilst this area will not be available on launch it has great potential. Presenting all of the audio, image and video files available on the FTP Hub but available to browse and view instantly via streaming media technology.

Public Access

Still in development, Public Access is where all member generated content will appear. Content uploaded via the FTP Hub will end up being displayed here and available to browse. With new content and work of a high standard being featured throughout the website.

FastFeet Media Studios

Here is where all of FastFeet Media’s in-house productions are available to watch as well as the all new ability to interact with each studio via flash. On launch day you can explore the SEGASonic:TV studio as well as watching the first episode of series 2. Black Dwarf will be arriving shortly after launch.


With a brand new website comes a new forum, powered by phpBB 3 and a great range of topics to debate ranging from Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog to technical help, media tutorials and more.

This time round FastFeet Media has been packed full of features for the average person to enjoy whilst there is still lots of content for the enthusiast to enjoy. Visit the all-new FastFeet Media on Sunday the 22nd of June @ 7pm GMT, until then preview the website and countdown the launch by visiting

= About FastFeet Media =

FastFeet Media is the home of Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog media, with the world’s largest resource for all related downloads and in-house productions. As well as being a video games media resource, FastFeet Media also provides critical and unbiased opinion on Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega and the Video Games Industry as a whole. FastFeet Media also pushes new technologies on the web; providing technical help and media tutorials for members and the community too.

FastFeet Media (FFM) was founded on October the 23rd 2003 by Graham ‘FastFeet’ Seward. FFM started out as a new way to get Sonic the Hedgehog related files out to the community. But what started out as a simple website has grown from its roots into something huge, and is now the world’s number one resource for SEGA and Sonic the Hedgehog media. Graham is a Journalism graduate specialising in freelance writing, media editing and web development.

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