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Episode 1 of 17+-rated iPhone action game up on the App Store now.

For immediate release:


Italy, December 9th 2009 – Finally, “Fallen Ep-1”, the first title for iPhone / iPod Touch by the Italian indie 7th Sense, has been released on App Store. The team’s debut on iTunes is the prologue of a dark adventure/ action game, similar to old “Silent Hill” and “Resident Evil”. Its content is so scary that Apple required the 17+ rating: “Fallen Ep-1” is definitely not a game for kids.

The story takes place in a prison where criminal gangs rule, facing each other, led by obscure spiritual guides gathering acolytes from the worst prisoners. Roman Mendez, a street criminal, suddenly wakes up in the gloomy isolation cell in which he is shut since a few days. The prisoner understands at once that something has gone wrong: strange noises break the usual jail silence. Peeping through the cell slit will make him face a desert corridor: no warders, no others cries, just blood smell. But the door lock releases and he won’t think twice getting out of the small isolation cell. Some steps will be enough for Roman to understand that his breakout plans will not be easily carried out…

Players will be involved by “Fallen EP-1” plot since the very first scene, thanks to the full motion videos, a featured virtual touch pad for in-game navigation, an ad-hoc fight system and special interactions exploiting unique iPhone features to progress through the game. The main character will step into a horror setting, enhanced by the original soundtrack. Moreover, environmental lighting and sound effects will help immersing in this scary world while players try to find a way out of the prison.

The title has been developed using LAIN®, the middleware and graphic engine 7th Sense designed on 2008 for Nintendo DS titles and recently adapted to Apple devices features with great results.

“Fallen EP-1” will be sold on iTunes store at US$ 4,99 including just the first chapter of a long series, while the second one is already under development.The official website of the game is:

Fallen EP-1 Features:

• 2.5D Graphics (3D Characters on 2D Backgrounds)

• 40+ Awesome Locations to explore

• Huge amount of content compressed inside iPhone, thanks to LAIN ®

• 10+ Special Interactions exploiting touch screen, multi-touch andaccelerometer

• Environmental Sound Effects and Lighting

• Original Soundtrack

• In-game Full Motion Video

• Rating 17 +

About 7th Sense s.r.l. :

Founded in 2001, 7th Sense s.r.l. is a developer of graphic engine and enjoying video games, based in Palermo, Italy. The company’s main focus is the production of high quality entertainment products, mostly for portable devices, for any kind of gamer. 7th Sense ‘s team is greatly experienced in game porting as well as in carrying on complete projects in third party, from game design to gold master delivery.

Please visit for more information and company portfolio.

For further press information please contact:

Valentina Ciolino:

Vincenzo Alagna:


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