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Facebook halts Oculus Quest 2 sales

Company temporarily stops device sales to address skin irritation concerns

Facebook has announced that it has temporarily stopped the sales of its Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets over concerns of skin irritation.

The company is voluntarily recalling the components of the headset in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada.

The recall follows reports of the device causing skin irritation to some customers which began last year.

In a statement via the Oculus blog, it was also announced that new silicone covers are being introduced globally in conjunction with its headset recall.

"The new silicone cover fits over the Quest 2 removable foam facial interface and starting on August 24, all Quest 2 headsets will come with a silicone cover included in every box," Facebook said.

The new headset covers will be provided for free and ship to customers in all countries where the Oculus Quest 2 is normally sold.

Facebook is launching a new 128GB model of the Oculus Quest 2 on August 24, which will also include the silicone covers.

In an April update, the company said that it confirmed with dermatologists and toxicologists that the substances that can cause skin discomfort in the manufacturing process are "considered extremely low".

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