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Eyedip - Flight Doodle

"A helluva game" according to Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

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New York, NY--November 2, 2010-- Jimmy McMillan, of the now-famous Rent Is Too Damn High Party, proclaimed Flight Doodle for iPhone, “a helluva game.” During last-minute campaigning, and just two hours before poll closing, New York State Gubernatorial candidate, Jimmy McMillan, took a few moments to try out EyeDip LLC’s popular title. He offered the game very high praise in the midst of a final round of photo ops and handshakes.

McMillan, of Brooklyn, New York, rose to immediate Internet fame after delivering his riveting and spirited message at the New York State Gubernatorial Debates last month. His YouTube videos have generated millions of views in the few weeks since the well-publicized debate.

Watch the YouTube video here:

Flight Doodle is a tilt-controlled, hot-air balloon game for iPhone and iPad, and coming soon to Windows Mobile 7 devices. Players customize their aircraft and fly as high as they can while collecting tools and power-ups, and exercising agility to avoid varied enemies and obstacles. The game’s elements combine to create a unique and delightfully light-hearted mobile gaming experience.

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Flight Doodle for iPhone is available for $.99 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle HD for the iPad is available for $2.99 from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle Lite for the iPhone is available free from the iTunes App Store at

Flight Doodle YouTube link:

Flight Doodle Crafts:

About Eyedip:

Eyedip is a mobile entertainment company specializing in development and distribution of software and applications. Eyedip was founded in May of 2009 by Jeremy Adelman and Steven Fleisher, pooling their entrepreneurial drive and creative spirit to create innovative entertainment and lifestyle applications for Smartphone users. Since the company’s entrance into the app development community, Eyedip has released 14 successful apps into the App Store and is committed to consistently producing original and addictive apps. For more info, please visit 

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