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Experience a crazy adventure in Ancient Egypt as BHV Software announces point & click adventure ANKH

London, UK - November 3rd 2005

Label: BHV Software

Developer: Deck 13

Genre: Point & Click Adventure

Release: November 2005

If you like movies like Shrek, Ice Age and Robots - then ANKH might just be your cup of tea. A humourous Point and Click adventure game set in a 3D graphic environment with a funny and romantic story in a mystical and inspiring setting with numerous original locations and characters.

Maybe Assil shouldn't have stolen the key to the Great Pyramid to celebrate a party with his friends. Then he would have never caught this curse that will erase his life within a few hours. But then he wouldn't have found the magic Ankh either, and he would have never met the woman of his dreams, this rebellious and at the same time mysterious girl, and never would these two have stumbled into the adventure of their life.

After a wild party at the Pharaoh's pyramid, young Assil accidentally breaks one of the holy urns and gets himself a death curse - but there he discovers the precious amulet Ankh.

Cairo... the ancient city of thousand shapes, colours and smells. And of Pharaohs, crocodiles and assassins. It won't be easy for Assil to get an audience at the palace to get rid of his death curse. Even worse, the number of his foes is growing faster as his curse takes possession of him. Only a keen mind can save Assil from certain death: You!

During his quest, Assil meets a whole bunch of weird people, from happy slaves to frightened crocodiles and finally Osiris himself, the god of the underworld.

Ankh is developed by Deck 13 Interactive, Germany. Deck 13 is assisted by Telltale Games (ex Lucas-Arts-Team) - their staff was involved in "Sam & Max", "Grim Fandango" and "Escape from Monkey Island". Telltame Games advises Deck 13 regarding the storyline and location.

Ankh will be released on 27th January 2005 on the PC and be available from

About BHV Software

bhv Software is one of the leading German software publishers. For more than 20 years bhv publishes successfully innovative products for PCs. Our range of products is covering digital media, education, tools and games. Games published by bhv Software cover all genres and are developed by national and international studios.

About Deck 13 Interactive

Creative Software: that's what Deck13 is all about. The German development team has focused on interactive entertainment products. Strict quality assurance and continuous integration of the testers' feedback form the core of all DECK13 products.

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Vicki Leah

Interactive Ideas

020 8805 1000

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