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WHAT: Scheduled to begin Thursday, February 14, EverQuest® Online Adventures (EQOA ) will celebrate its 5th anniversary with a game update that brings new adventures and storylines to EQOA's thriving community. Players will see the continuation of the Khalimet and Broken Blade storylines and the ongoing turmoil there, but the adventurers of Norrath will also make time to celebrate Valentine's Day until February 17, 2008. Players are encouraged to seek out a GM, and a Valentine's Day gift will be their reward.

Unlock the Mystery of the Broken Blade!

Many years ago, adventurers encountered Cave Hydra in the depths the caverns of Solusek's Eye. After a long battle with this mystical three-headed creature, the adventurers discovered that it was protecting a secret. The Hydra possessed a magical Broken Blade with an inscription that provided little information as to the true destiny of this item. Hoping to decipher the words written on the blade, they sought out many races throughout Tunaria for translation. The translation is currently unraveling and unrest is taking over the land once again. For those with a keen ear and a sharp mind the mystery will lead to the discovery of a shocking change to the land of Tunaria.

Meet Khalimet!

The new Khalimet quest line introduces a new adventure that will unlock a path for players to choose. After having sent his harbingers to ready his arrival, Khalimet is starting his occupation of the various planes and Khalimet's campaign will change the face of the Zaoran Plateau forever.

Check out all latest enhancements!

WHEN: February 14, 2008


WHO: About EverQuest Online Adventures

EverQuest Online Adventures is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), which allows PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system owners to experience an open-ended, persistent virtual world, filled with thousands of other players. It was the first of its kind available on the PlayStation 2 system in North America and utilizes the Network Adaptor to connect seamlessly to the Internet. The game carries a monthly subscription fee per person for continuing access and updates to the game world. Players can subscribe either by using a credit card, or by purchasing SOE Game Cards from various retail outlets. For more information, please visit

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