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ESA's charity game pack pulls in $2.6m

Selection of titles for the Xbox 360 raises money for a number of American children's organisations

The ESA has revealed that more than USD 2.6 million was raised through selling over 90,000 copies of a charity game pack.

The Xbox 360 game pack included software donated by Disney Interactive, THQ, Ubisoft, Sony Pictures, and Pixar. The ESA plans to use the money to provide grants to a number of children-focused organisations in America.

"The entertainment software industry places a priority on giving back to our communities, with a special focus on helping our young people. I'm proud that together with our partners, the ESA Foundation raised a record amount for a variety of worthy causes," said Michael D Gallagher, ESA's CEO.

"We also thank Microsoft Corporation, the main publisher, and the retailers who sold this tremendously successful game pack."

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