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ESA: Hispanic and Black people are more likely to play games among US ethnic and racial groups

The new report also says that in the US, the average gamer is 32 years old and has played games for 21 years

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The ESA says that Hispanic and Black people are more likely to play games among ethnic group demographics in the US.

Its new report notes that 79% of Hispanic adults within the US population are likely to play games.

Meanwhile 77% of Black Americans and 67% of Asian/Pacific are also more likely to engage in the hobby, compared to 62% of their white counterparts.

Additionally, among US residents, 53% of men and 46% of women play games.

The survey of over 4000 respondents revealed that the average game players are 32 years old and they have been playing games for 21 years.

"But games don't simply entertain. They also create opportunities to sharpen our skills and stimulate our minds – and even non-players recognize that," said ESA president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis.

"This year's research shows that 96% of all Americans see video games as beneficial, even if they don't play them regularly. Video games are seen as a tool for building problem-solving skills, teamwork and collaboration, communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills."

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