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Epic Games Store adds wishlists

Steam's biggest rival adds essential marketing tool for independent developers

The Epic Games Store has added the first iteration of wishlists, as it moves closer to feature parity with rival online storefronts.

The store's customers can now log any game they're interested in purchasing by clicking the "Add to Wishlist" button, either on the Epic Games launcher or through the web storefront.

This is the first iteration of the feature, Epic said, with filtering and smart searching the first additions planned. Future versions will add email notifications, to raise awareness of price cuts, product launches and pre-orders.

The lack of key features has been a common complaint about the Epic Games Store since it launched, and wishlists are among the most important for both consumers and developers.

For the latter group, gowing wishlist numbers before launch is considered vital to improving the chance of success, with a proportion of that number likely to purchase the game when it launches.

Recently, No More Robots cited Steam wishlists as one of the key drivers behind the $600,000 in sales Yes, Your Grace earned in its first weekend.

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