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Epic and Nvidia partner for Unreal Engine 3 DX11 upgrade

Tessellation, PhysX, 3D Vision tech added to middleware

Developer Epic Games and chip manufacturer Nvidia have announced a new partnership that will see new DX11 features added to the Unreal Engine 3 platform.

As a result Unreal Engine 3 will gain new features including tessellation, plus support for Nvidia PhysX, APEX, and Nvidia 3D Vision technologies. These features are being showcased at GDC using Nvidia's GeForce GTX 500 Series GPUs, demonstrating new destruction effects and clothing modules.

The new updates are already available to licensees, with the first Unreal Development Kit (UDK) also including the new features.

Unreal Engine 3 is used in a variety of games including Epic's own Gears Of War and iOS hit Infinity Blade, as well as third party titles ranging from Bulletstorm to DC Universe Online.

"Thanks to Nvidia's excellent cross-platform physics technologies and DX11 expertise, we have enhanced Unreal Engine 3 to bring unprecedented new levels of realism and demonstrate what the next generation of gaming will be," said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games.

"Unreal Engine 3 continues to amaze us and represents a generational leap in gaming," said Drew Henry, general manager of GPU business at Nvidia.

"With the addition of our PhysX, APEX and 3D Vision technologies, it will deliver unprecedented, high-end visual experiences for gamers. We can't wait to play the games that Unreal Engine 3 will power in the future."

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