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Emergent Game Technologies Unveils Product Roadmap at Austin Games Conference

AUSTIN, TEXAS (October 27, 2005) - Emergent Game Technologies today unveiled details of its strategy at the Austin Games Conference (AGC) in the lead-up to a full-scale product announcement in March 2006. The company, which recently merged with NDL, limited its previews to current customers, key partners and serious evaluators.

"The next generation of games will require greater innovation while facing increased complexity and costs of development. We are driving the state of the art of game development, offering visibility into and control of the development process," said Geoffrey Selzer, Emergent's president and CEO. "We're making the technology, tools and middleware that we believe will usher in the next phase of innovation in game development and game play, using the newly combined strengths of our two organizations"

"We are beginning to share our strategy with the great developers who are already working with us, as well as the ones who have new games in the pipeline and are evaluating their options over the coming year," added Selzer. "Our technology will address current problems at every stage of development-from building the game to testing and managing it. Just as important, we're going to make it easy for game developers to smoothly refine and evolve their development practices with these new tools."

Emergent also announced that it has shipped version 2.1 of Gamebryo, its highly flexible 3D graphics engine & toolkit. The new version features Xbox 360 final platform support and adds a visual performance tool, a reduced memory footprint, a memory allocation system and support for Max 8 and Maya 7. A Playstation 3 version of the engine is currently in development.

Emergent now offers Gamebryo as a result of its recent merger with the company that created it, NDL. Gamebryo has been trusted by developers to create instant classics such as Sid Meier's Pirates! , the Dark Age of Camelot series, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (an Xbox 360 title), and Freedom Force.

Gamebryo was also used to make Sid Meier's Civilization IV , the long-awaited sequel to 1990's landmark Civilization. To celebrate the game's October 25 release, Emergent is offering AGC participants a chance to win copies of the game signed by Sid Meier himself.

About Emergent

Emergent Game Technologies is the source for all the tools required to build, test, manage and expand interactive games. The company focuses on creating flexible tools to usher in the next era of innovation in game development.

Emergent is headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., and has offices in Chapel Hill, N.C., Walnut Creek, Calif., Austin, Texas, and London. The company recently merged with NDL, the award-winning developer of the Gamebryo 3D graphics engine & toolkit.

To learn more about Emergent, please visit the company's new Web site:

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