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ELSPA welcomes PEGI vindication in EU report

European Parliament findings support the industry's ability to self regulate, says the trade body

ELSPA, the UK videogame publishers' trade body, has praised the European Parliament's decision on games classification in its latest report on consumer protection.

The findings of the report support to use of PEGI and PEGI Online as de facto ratings systems, although it also calls for wider education on the system.

The report says it "welcomes the work done by the industry to implement self-regulation" and "takes the view that the PEGI system for rating games is an important tool which has improved transparency for consumers, especially parents."

Michael Rawlinson, director general of ELSPA, commented: "We welcome the decision of the European Parliament on games classification which understands the changing nature of game playing as it moves increasingly online and advocates the PEGI system to ensure adequate protection of minors."

"In line with the EP report, the industry is also committed to raising public awareness of the content of games, parental controls and the PEGI system, and continues to work to improve awareness and provide safer gaming environments for British children."

"Parental controls are only effective if they are turned on by parents. By raising awareness of how these work, we can help protect child safety by guiding parents how to set age-appropriate settings, amongst others."

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