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ELSPA statement

BBFC ratings expansion will cost too much; go PEGI!

Thursday 12th June/...Paul Jackson, Director General - ELSPA

"We appreciate comments from Government about its support and the work being done for the UK video games industry. We look forward to working closely with them in the near future to make good this commitment. Of immediate concern is the issue of age ratings where it is crucial that following the public consultation on games age ratings, the UK adopts the Pan European PEGI system for games sold in store and online.

"The facts are that any other conclusion from this process, including the proposed expansion of the remit of the film ratings body, the BBFC, will result in a significant and prohibitive logistical and financial burden on the games industry. This will lead to increased costs of bringing games to market and could also significantly de-stabilise the UK's influence and position within the European games industry. More importantly, it will have failed in its main objective - protecting children."

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