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ELSPA queries Tories on tax cuts

Conservatives urged to clarify position as general election looms in UK

The UK-based Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSPA) has called on the Conservative Party to release their promised mini manifesto for creative industries and clarify their position on tax breaks for the videogames industry.

After claims that the Labour Party was "not serious" about tax breaks, rumours then circulated that the Conservatives would renege on their earlier promises of tax relief. Instead the party indicated that a forthcoming mini manifesto would outline their plans in detail.

Confusion has since reigned on when exactly the mini manifesto will be released and whether the Conservatives will retain their plans for videogame tax breaks, after the industry was not mentioned in the party's main manifesto.

"We urge the Conservatives to publish their mini manifesto on creative industries before May 6. The Conservative Party has spoken on numerous occasions of their commitment towards the videogames industry and creative industries in general, and our importance in helping to provide a more balanced UK economy," said ELSPA director general Michael Rawlinson.

"We therefore call on the party to officially publish their intentions for the games industry and the creative sector as a whole," he added.

"There are only two days left until polling day. It is essential that the Conservatives let the many millions of voters who work in the games business, enjoy our products and benefit from the positive economic and cultural impact we provide, their commitment to our industry.”

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David Jenkins