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Elgato sells gaming business to Corsair

Company refocuses on smart home devices with name shift

Elgato Systems, known in gaming for its livestream capture cards, has opted to set aside the gaming aspects of its business altogether. Today, the company announced that Elgato Gaming would be sold to Corsair, while the rest of the company would refocus around its smart home product line, Eve.

To that end, the company is renaming itself to Eve Systems after the home monitoring product it released in 2014. Elgato Gaming, which encompasses the company's capture cards, stream decks, a collapsible green screen, and other related accessories, will join Corsair but retain its brand name.

"Today, the gaming space is more dynamic and exciting than ever, and we sought a larger partner to help us capitalize on the phenomenal opportunities ahead," said Elgato founder and now Eve Systems CEO Markus Fest. "Our gaming business has been wildly successful, and that success is inextricably linked to the Elgato brand. The brand has been with us for almost twenty years and we are obviously a little sad to see it go, but Corsair is a fantastic company and will be a great new home for Elgato. At the same time our Eve product line will benefit from a focused team and a dedicated organisation. This move will further strengthen both product families."

Prior to this, Corsair did not have its own capture card brand, though the company does produce a wide variety of other computer accessories, parts, and entire PCs. This will be the company's first major overture into the livestreaming space.

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