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Echo developer Ultra Ultra has closed down

Danish studio has "ceased to exist" despite awards, good reviews, and a Hollywood adaptation of its only release

The Copenhagen-based indie studio Ultra Ultra has closed down after releasing a single game.

The Danish developer announced its closure on Twitter, offering no explanation for the decision other than, "Ultra Ultra has ceased to exist."

"We are grateful to have had the chance to crystallize something truly from the heart," the company said of its only released game, Echo, which will continue to be available on PC storefronts and PlayStation 4.

Echo was the most nominated game at last year's Nordic Game Awards. It ultimately won three of them, including Game of the Year. It also received positive reviews for its unique take on stealth-action and production values.

And it caught the attention of the film industry. As reported by Deadline, Fenix Studios picked up the option to make a movie based on Echo's world and characters in January this year, and Ultra Ultra said that the adaptation is still going ahead despite the studio's closure.

"Yes, the film is still in the works," Ultra Ultra confirmed on Twitter.

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