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Early PSPgo adopters to get Gran Turismo for free

PAL users registering their new console before October 10 to be rewarded with free digital copy

Early adopters of Sony's new PSPgo hardware will be rewarded with a free copy of Gran Turismo PSP, Sony Europe's Andrew House has revealed at the Gamescom Sony conference in Cologne.

The incentive will be handed out to early adopters of the PSPgo in PAL regions, who register their console between October 1 and October 10. Once registered, these users will be able to download a free, full copy of the game.

Also announced at the Sony conference were new 'Minis' PSP games of 100MB or less in size. These bite-sized games are expected to attract increasing numbers of game developers to the system, as well as offer gamers a wider choice of low-priced titles.

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