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EA Mobile licenses Taito catalogue for Europe

Taito has signed an agreement giving EA Mobile the distribution and licensing rights to its catalogue across Europe

Electronic Arts has signed an agreement with Taito Corporation, granting the exclusive distribution and licensing rights to the entire Taito catalogue to EA Mobile for mobile devices across Europe.

The first games to be covered under this new agreement include Cooking Mama, Space Invaders, ArkanoidM, Bubble Bobble, Puzzle Bobble and Rainbow Islands.

"Taito has produced some of the all time games classics – like Space Invaders, Puzzle Bobble, Arkanoid - as well as innovating with new titles like Cooking Mama," said Javier Ferreira, VP of European publishing, EA Mobile.

"This deal gives EA Mobile immediate access to an incredibly popular catalogue on existing devices while offering us the opportunity to bring these titles to new mobile platforms."

According to the two companies, the agreement assigns rights across all existing mobile channels and mobile devices as well as developing new channels and platforms such as smart phones.