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EA adds more patents to its accessibility pledge

The additions include an automated player control takeover and a route navigation system

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EA has added four more patents to its accessibility patent pledge.

The announcement from vice president Farah Ali continues the firm’s goal to make games more accessible for disabled players and people with medical issues.

The four patents now being added to the pledge include:

  • Automated player control taker: It detects when a user stops interacting with a title and will convert the character to a system-ran, which will resemble the player's gameplay style.
  • Adaptive gaming tutorial system: It allows users to receive tailored advice for in-game commands to help them reduce their barriers when playing a title.
  • Route navigation system: It aims to enhance cognitive and visual accessibility by creating navigation directions and display aid lines for players who have difficulty navigating large worlds.
  • Animated and personalized coach for video games: Ali said, "Through an animated and personalized coach, players receive in-game and out-of-game insights to improve their performance—making it easier to implement insights and, ultimately, maximize their enjoyment of the game."

EA has continued its increased accessibility efforts since 2021, when it shared five patents for its technology as a part of its Accessibility First Patent Pledge.

Then, in December of 2022, it added six more patents, and as of December of 2023, EA made its photosensitivity analysis tool, IRIS, open source.

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