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E3 keynote faces poor turnout

Just over two dozen turnout for keynote in 1000 seat venue

Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered his E3 keynote speech to a drastically lower than expected number of attendees.

Shortly before Perry began his speech, the room's 1000 seats remained largely empty with an audience numbering in the single digits which slowly grew to a maximum of just over two dozen, according to Gamespot.

His speech broadly focused on extolling the benefits that developers and publishers would find if they chose to set up shop in Texas. Perry noted that Texas was the third-largest videogame producing state, but added "I'm gunning to be number one."

He praised the games industry for its competitive nature and called for more games that dealt with serious social issues, such as parenting and preparing soldiers for peacekeeping missions.

"There are fascinating things going on in your industry that not enough Americans - that not enough people around the world - know about that," Perry said.


James Lee