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Dungeon Bandits

"Siege the GM" closed beta event launches tomorrow.

For Immediate Publication

Seattle, Washington, January 21th, 2010 -PlayEnvy, a service of Nvinium Games, is pleased to announce a special event for its upcoming Tournament-based MMO ‘Dungeon Bandits’ which enters its first Closed Beta Testing phase January 22 at 12:00 PM PST. What better way is there to kick off a game then to score some victories against a GM?

The ‘Siege the GM’ event will allow players to take up arms to either attack or defend the Dungeon Bandits GM team. Parties that can successfully drop a GM within 5 minutes of the start of a match will earn the credit for the match, if they cannot, the credit goes to the defenders.

Matches will take place randomly throughout the 3 day closed beta 1 tests, and will allow all players of the winning team to qualify for special in game rewards. Here is an brief overview of the event:

Matches will feature two opposing parties

Only one party will contain a GM

The party containing the GM will be tasked to defend against the opposing team

Each match will consist of only one round lasting 5 minutes

The top 100 players to record the most match credits (1 credit per match) will qualify for the random drawing of in game rewards.

To apply for closed beta and participate in this event, please visit the official site

Contact: Eric Long

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