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Dundee's games industry boosted by £9m InGAME R&D centre

Game developers and universities both involved in new project designed to encourage growth and innovation

Dundee's games industry is getting a new, £9 million research and development centre, which is intended to foster innovation among the Scottish city's game companies.

The Innovation for Games and Media Enterprise project (InGAME) will bring together creative talent with specialists in technology and business, benefitting small and medium-sized game developers both in Dundee and around the UK.

A range of games industry partners are already attached to the project, including 4J Studios, All4Games, DeltaDNA, Microsoft, Outplay Entertainment and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. It is also supported by other, related organisations, such as Creative Dundee, Creative Scotland, TIGA and the UK Games Fund.

"We are delighted to be involved in the InGAME partnership which will undoubtedly drive forward innovation in the video games sector, not only in the Dundee games cluster but across the UK," said Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of 4J studios, in a statement.

"Dundee has a history of achieving great things when mixing together academia, industry and enterprise, and this project will act as a catalyst for further development at this exciting time for the city."

InGAME is also working with three universities, led by Abertay University and in partnership with the University of Dundee and the University of St Andrews. Students from all three universities will be able to gain industry experience through working with InGAME.

"This is a really significant investment for the Dundee games industry which will have benefits for studios across the UK," said Abertay University's Professor Gregor White. "As well as pushing forward new technological innovations, we will be seeking to find innovative solutions to some of the challenges faced by games companies, including the management of financial and sustainability risks associated with developing original material."

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