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DSi XL sales triple after Japan price-drop and new colours

Though other consoles' continued decline sees just 2000 Xbox 360s sold last week

The Nintendo DSi and DSI XLs have enjoyed a enormous boost in Japanese sales this week, thanks to a price cut and the release of new yellow, green and blue models.

The DSi 's price has dropped from ¥18,900 to ¥15,000. The DSi XL (known as the LL in Japan) saw a more modest snip, from ¥20,000 to ¥18,000. The DS Lite, meanwhile, has gone to open pricing as the old model is gradually phased out.

As a result, sales of the XL have boomed from 11,138 to 30,183, while the smaller DSi jumped to 18,214 from last week's 10,172.

Total DS sales stand at 53523, against the PSP range's 21766. While combined DS units have been ahead of total PSPs for some time, in recent weeks the PSP-3000 has been the better-selling single unit. That sees a slight slump to 20,929 - almost 10,000 units behind the XL.

The rest of the chart is largely unchanged from last week, with home consoles continuing to slowly decline.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 looks particularly unhealthy, dropping to just 2060 from last week's 3225 - although this may jump again next week, following the Japanese release of the new-look Xbox 360 S.

Japanese hardware charts:

  • Nintendo DSi XL: 30,183
  • PSP: 20,929
  • Wii: 19,045
  • Nintendo DSi: 18,214
  • PlayStation 3: 17,175
  • Nintendo DS Lite: 5126
  • Xbox 360: 2060
  • PlayStation 2: 1568
  • PSPgo: 837

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